Just a quick revisioning. I found it hard initially to purge the negative stuff yesterday. I’m curious to see how the positive side might flow. I am going to imagine an optimistic explanation why things happened the way they did.

  1. Everything happens for a reason, including canceled plans, unexpected tests, and even stirred up emotions. The procedure wasn’t supposed to happen 6/22/2021 for a reason. I avoided some misfortune or mistake. A million things could have gone wrong and the health scare thing had to happen to avoid an actual consequence with physical effect.
  2. The unexpected tests, while they stirred up emotion, they also merely attested to the fact that I AM HEALTHY! This is an amazingly, wonderful thing. All of the scenarios I imagined during that week of wondering that caused me so much angst, are completely false.
  3. My daughter came back from her big trip SAFE! She is home, relaxing, doing what 8 year olds do. She’s going through a stage. She’s smart. She’s a good kid.
  4. I have hardly anything going on with work right now and potential clients have been super flaky lately. So what? It’s the way it’s supposed to be right now. This is my time to spend with my daughter. I’m just meeting her at her level. Which right now is movies, video games, and not really wanting to go anywhere or do much of anything. So what? That’s okay. She was on a really long trip.
  5. Money comes, money goes. More will come. As soon as the universe says, “it’s time.”
  6. Hubby hates work right now and is super stressed. It’s okay. Everyone goes through stress. It’s an opportunity for me to support him in every way I can. It’s not personal.
  7. There will be fun times again. In fact, there is fun to be found now. Just be willing to find it. Stop stressing or thinking there is something you need to do or change.
  8. You’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, right now. So be at peace and be here now. You’re doing a great job.

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