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Just a quick revisioning. I found it hard initially to purge the negative stuff yesterday. I’m curious to see how the positive side might flow. I am going to imagine an optimistic explanation why things happened the way they did. Everything happens for a reason, including canceled plans, unexpected tests, and even stirred up emotions.Continue reading “Re-Visioning”


I feel like I should try to write them. Things have just been going wonky lately. I know this is a sobriety blog but sobriety is not really my concern right now. Though, overall, I feel better when I completely abstain from alcohol, and on most days, do. I’ll admit to having had the glassContinue reading “Words”

What is it About June?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. It’s been an intense, interesting time. It seems like every recent year around this time, I get a little restless with repetition and I have a hard time focusing and staying motivated in my current chosen field. I grow annoyed with seeing the constant marketing emails inContinue reading “What is it About June?”

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