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Love (Day 230)

I really appreciate your kind messages of concern after I posted 6 days ago about not feeling well. I am grateful to say that I feel healed. At urgent care I was prescribed an antibiotic and some prednisone. I was also tested for Covid and thankfully tested negative. The medicine began kicking somewhat by theContinue reading “Love (Day 230)”

(Day ?) I Don’t Feel Good

I’m still sober. I don’t know what day I’m on, as I just glanced at my calendar to check it looks like I stopped counting back in early January. I’ve been on “go” mode. Like really on “go” since the new year began. I have a couple of projects I’m really excited about. Been makingContinue reading “(Day ?) I Don’t Feel Good”

The Intense and Spacey Mind

One thing that drinking did for me, and one thing I certainly used it for, was to flick that switch off in my brain. The switch that tells me “This is relaxing time. This is ‘pretend like the rest of it doesn’t exist right now’ time. This is sacred, set aside, ‘off the clock time.’Continue reading “The Intense and Spacey Mind”

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